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Hi, My Name is Tam3rlane

You can call me JR or John if you like as well, I am a lifelong gamer since around 4 years old (thats a long time ago). Around 2013-14 I came across Twitch.TV by pure accident really, I was actually looking for Diablo 3 build guides if I remember rightly and up came Twitch's Diablo 3 section and one of the first streamers I watched regularly was KingKongor.


I originally started streaming around 2015 however I had to take a massive break due to health and decided to restart my channel in the last few months. I am a Twitch affiliate looking to grow this community, what you can expect here is plenty of hardest difficulty playthroughs, along with lots of mulitplayer FPS and Racing game sessions as well.

I dedicate myself to our community and my friends, joining in gaming sessions, helping with gaming and PC advice. I currently work as a IT Systems Analyst for a global medical company - it pays the bills but my passion truly is in gaming and being a chill individual who likes to interact with varying people about various subjects. I hope you come to enjoy my stream, content and all the banter, your all fantastic, thank you.


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